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The theory behind Shiatsu massage therapy is that the body is made up of energy called qi. When a balance of qi is achieved, natural healing occurs in our body. By applying the right pressure to the meridians, the immune and nervous systems are stimulated. This provides relief for both mind and body. Shiatsu also helps restore the circulatory system to improve blood flow all throughout the body. 


Have you been suffering from headaches, stiffness, anxiety, depression or nausea lately? If so, Shiatsu massage therapy is something you might be interested in. Shiatsu is a conventional applied therapy originating from Japanese massage traditions. With some influences from Western therapies, Shiatsu has become very popular in strengthening and supporting the body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself. 

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

  • Maintain and restore the body’s energy, helping those suffering from fatigue and weakness;

  • Reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression;

  • Improve blood circulation;

  • Relief from migraine and headaches;

  • Promote relief from arthritis;

  • Stimulate healing from sprains and other similar injuries;

  • Aid in treatment of morning sickness, bowel trouble, digestive disorders, and menstrual problems;

  • Reduce stiffness in neck and shoulders, backaches, including sciatica;

  • Help with colds, coughs, and other respiratory and sinus problems;

  • Relief from insomnia.

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